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South Orange County homeowners can rely on Pro-Tech Chimney Sweep to provide high-quality chimney and fireplace services at a great price with safe and lasting results. We have over three decades of experience and are certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)--the only nationally recognized credential for chimney and fireplace service professionals--and Fireplace Inspection Research and Education (FIRE). As such, we excel at all aspects of chimney sweeping/cleaning, chimney inspection, and chimney/fireplace repairs. These services are always done according to the industry's best practices and meet all current safety codes.

Whether it's time for your annual chimney maintenance; you want to purchase chimney accessories or modernize your fireplace; or your fireplace or chimney requires any degree of repair work, Pro-Tech Chimney Sweep is your one-stop solution. Our chimney inspections and cleanings are extremely thorough, but done in less than an hour. Our fireplace and chimney repair expertise extends to interior damage repairs, relining/flue liner installation, and damper replacements. And, we sell and install a wide range of accessories for fireplaces and chimneys, including fire glass/fire 'n ice, glass doors, gas bars, gas log sets, standard/universal and custom chimney caps, shrouds, and copper tops. Finally, because we are serious about fire prevention, we also offer professional dryer vent cleaning services in South Orange County.

At Pro-Tech Chimney Sweep, our staff always arrives on time within the one-hour scheduling block, uniformed, equipped, and ready to work. We also fully clean up when the job is complete. To schedule your next appointment, call us today. We've served thousands of customers throughout South Orange County, including in a large number in Irvine, Costa Mesa, and Newport Beach, so you can trust that we've worked on every kind of fireplace and chimney in the area. We schedule appointments on weekdays between 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m, with weekend appointments also available. Visa, Discover, AmEx, MC, check, and cash are the forms of payment we accept.

Chimney Sweeping and Chimney Inspections - South Orange County, CA

We recommend that South Orange County homeowners arrange chimney sweepings and inspections every year. This is because unburned smoke residue, also known as creosote, builds up in your chimney over time, creating a fire hazard. Regular cleanings and inspections help to prevent creosote fires and catch other hazards before their risk your safety. Furthermore, keeping the airways of your chimney clear helps to prevent long-term damage to your chimney, extending its durability and life. When sweeping chimneys in South Orange County, our CSIA certified professionals are always extremely thorough. They sweep from the bottom up, using a carefully controlled and effective cleaning process. This process is so controlled, that hardly any mess is created. In fact, there is so little soot that our professionals don't wear masks. Still, just to be extra safe, we use tarps to cover the areas around your fireplace. With our South Orange County chimney cleanings, we also offer a free Level 1 chimney inspection.

South Orange County Fireplace & Chimney Repair - Irvine, Newport Beach, Aliso Viejo, Lake Forest

At Pro-Tech Chimney Sweep, our CSIA certified technicians believe strongly in fireplace and chimney safety. That's why we offer the most reliable fireplace and chimney repairs. Our repairs are done to code, in accordance with the industry's best practices, and with high-quality parts and materials. Our technicians can be trusted to always get the job done right, the first time, every time, whether they are relining, replacing dampers, or rebuilding fireboxes. With our years of experience, we're highly familiar with the many different kinds of chimneys and fireplaces that homeowners in Irvine, Newport Beach, Aliso Viejo, Lake Forest, and other South Orange County cities have. Whether you live in a single-story, multi-story, old, or new property, our experts always perform the highest quality repair work, helping to ensure the safety of your family and home.

South Orange County Chimney Cap Sales and Installation - Laguna Hills, Costa Mesa, Mission Viejo

We consider chimney caps to be a very worthwhile and cost-effective investment, and highly recommend them for all homeowners across Mission Viejo, Costa Mesa, Laguna Hills, and all other South Orange County cities. Not only can chimney caps extend the life of your chimney by preventing rain from entering and causing interior damage, but they also keep in potentially hazardous fire sparks, and keep out pests like birds, squirrels, and bees. You can choose to install a standard black chimney top, which is made of galvanized steel and comes with a six-year guarantee, or a stainless steel chimney top that comes with a lifetime guarantee. For clients who prefer the more decorative copper tops, you have the choice of installing it as a surround or shroud. A copper top surround is placed around your existing chimney cap, while a copper top shroud is built to be the actual chimney cap.

South Orange County's Source for Fireplace Accessories - San Clemente, Dana Point, Laguna Beach

For South Orange County homeowners that wish to upgrade, improve, and/or modernize the appearance of their fireplace, we provide the following fireplace accessories for sale and installation:

Fire Glass, South Orange County, CA

The installation of fire glass (aka fireplace glass and fire 'n ice) to your fireplace is a beautiful way to modernize your home. Available in a diverse array of colors, you can create your own unique arrangement of glass for a one-of-a-kind appearance. Fire glass can be installed anywhere from your living room's fireplace to your outdoor fire pit, and can be lit with two different styles of flame. Yellow flames are highly visible and popular with South Orange County customers who prefer a more traditional look. Blue flames are more subtle and vent free; they are clean burning and can be controlled by remote.

Fireplace Glass Doors, South Orange County, CA

Designed to fold smoothly for easy opening and closing, our glass doors add beauty and functionality to your South Orange County fireplace. Available in clear, gray, bronze, and bevel cuts, the glass is framed in sturdy aluminum that we can finish in satin nickel, brass, bronze, black, and hammered metal. We can usually install your fireplace glass doors in one of our standard sizes, but custom installations are available for fireplaces with unique or unusual sizes or configurations.

Gas Log Sets, South Orange County, CA

Gas log sets are popular with our clients in South Orange County, especially when they are making the conversion from an old woodburning fireplace. Easy to use but with a very realistic appearance, gas log sets come complete with sand, burners, embers, fire grate, and the logs. As part of our sale consultation and installation service, we'll make sure you get the right size and style of gas logs to truly upgrade your fireplace's appearance. Additionally, we'll cover your back firewall with high-heat black paint and set up either a pilot-less remote control or wall switch.

South Orange County Dryer Vent Cleaning Services - Laguna Woods, Rancho Santa Margarita

Pro-Tech Chimney Sweep also offers professional cleaning services for residential dryer vents. Generally completed in less than an hour, our dryer vent cleaning process involves using a spinning brush to break down and remove accumulated lint inside your piping. Dryer vent piping in most South Orange County homes is about 4 inches wide and 20 feet long, and placed at several ninety-degree elbows. Lint builds up in the piping over time, reducing air flow and forcing it back into the dryer, which can eventually become a fire hazard. We recommend regular cleanings to ensure that your dryer vents are clear and free from blockages and pests, as well as to inspect for any broken or disconnected hoses. As an added service, we can also install dryer vent guards and caps for a small additional charge.

Our Service Area

Pro-Tech Chimney Sweep has provided chimney sweeping/cleaning, chimney inspection, chimney and fireplace repairs, fireplace accessories, chimney caps, and dryer vent cleaning to the following South Orange County cities since 1989:

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  • Costa Mesa
  • Dana Point
  • Irvine
  • Laguna Beach
  • Laguna Hills
  • Laguna Woods
  • Lake Forest
  • Laguna Niguel
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They came out right on time, gave me a reasonable price upfront and within an hour my chimney was cleaned and pretty new blue rocks were installed. John and his crew were very courteous and nice to work with. I will use them in the future for my vents when it's their time.

Julie T.
Orange, CA
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John was on-time and did a thorough inspection of my chimney. Then he advised me with several options, only one of which involved his company's skill set. I greatly appreciate his candor and choice to put the customer's needs first.

Earl S.
Orange, CA
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